Access to reasonably priced investment and loan capital is often challenging for Aboriginal communities. This lack of capital and expert advice makes it very difficult for communities to grow their own-source revenues.

To create a solution for this issue, Aboriginal Capacity Builders has assembled a very large pool of investors looking to support Aboriginal led economic development projects.

We are willing to either invest in projects as shareholders or provide loan capital at competitive interest rates with flexible repayment terms.

Our minimum investment or loan is $1,000,000, and we do not have a maximum amount that we are willing to invest or lend. All projects will be evaluated on their viability, and we will invest and/or lend based on our own in-house due diligence.

We have a very experienced team of experts from the financial sector, and seasoned business analysts who can help you design and develop your projects to become investable.

To discuss your project needs contact us at:

Toll free: 1.866.284.8322 or email: