Aboriginal communities across Canada are working to secure their future within Canada’s developing economy. The attitude of government and industry has changed dramatically in the last decade, and there is now a real desire to work collaboratively with Aboriginal communities and businesses to create equitable partnerships.

But, without the immediate business resources to manage the demands of future growth and uptake on opportunities, growth could be too slow, and these business opportunities could disappear.

Aboriginal Capacity Builders provides these resources through a team of expert business development and management service providers. We specialize in improving the human infrastructure capacity of Canadian Aboriginal communities and businesses, making them more viable, efficient, and profitable.

“Our mandate is to ensure any Aboriginal community or business we work with has a positive experience, benefits from the engagement, and is pleased to form a long-term relationship with us.” Geoff Greenwell, President

Our team members are all successful professionals in business consulting, the financial sector, engineering and environmental industries, and are extremely well known and respected in the Aboriginal business world. Collectively, we have accumulated over 300 years of dedicated work with Aboriginal communities and businesses across Canada as business advisors, strategists, facilitators, and advocates.

If your community or development corporation needs assistance with investment, capacity building, strategic planning, the creation of business partnerships, negotiations with proponents, land development or joint ventures, contact us to see how we can help.

Call toll free: 1.866.284.8322 or email: office@aboriginalcapacitybuilders.com