We specialize in bringing together First Nations and private sector groups to form equitable and successful joint ventures together.

If your community or development corporation needs assistance with capacity building, strategic planning, the creation of business partnerships, negotiations with proponents, land development or joint ventures contact us to see how we can help.

Call toll free: 1.866.284.8322 or email: office@aboriginalcapacitybuilders.com

Here are examples of the diversity of our work on some recent projects involving over 20 First Nations:

Kinder Morgan’s TransMountain Pipeline

We are currently working with 12 Bands from Alberta and BC to help them with their negotiation strategies and approaches to procurement opportunities on the $7.1 Billion Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Project.

We are also assisting a number of these Bands to form Joint Ventures with over twenty different private sector companies who all have the capacity and ability to work on the pipeline project.

Cheam First Nation

We are currently assisting Cheam First Nation to structure Cheam Enterprises LP, their Development Corporation, and to move ahead with the ratification of a Land Code which will open up some of the reserve lands for real estate and industrial development. We have created over 14 partnerships in 2016/2017 for Cheam with private sector groups across a range of industries.