Aboriginal Capacity Builders Ltd is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm providing a range of services and expertise to Aboriginal communities and businesses across Canada. We specialize in improving the human and infrastructure capacity of our clients businesses to make them more efficient and profitable.

Our mandate is to ensure any Aboriginal community or business we work with has a positive experience, benefits from the engagement, and forms a long-term relationship with us.

Geoff Greenwell, CEO of 2G Group of Companies is the President and co-founder of Aboriginal Capacity Builders Ltd.

Kelly Sherman, President of Ecora Engineering and Resource Group is the Vice-President and co-founder of  Aboriginal Capacity Builders Ltd.

Geoff is extremely well known and respected in the Aboriginal business world and has worked for over 25 years with Aboriginal communities and businesses across Canada as a business advisor, strategist, facilitator and advocate.

Kelly has built the Ecora Group into a very successful consulting and engineering company, employing over 80 professionals across a range of technical disciplines including engineering, forestry, fisheries, land development,  Geomatics, Environmental Sciences, Geotechnical, Biology, Resource Analysis and Inventory.

Geoff and Kelly have collaborated on numerous Aboriginal related projects and share a common philosophy and goals for Aboriginal Capacity Builders Ltd.